Where Is My Order?

We understand that our customers hope to receive their replacement parts as soon as possible to complete repairs and get their heating appliances up and running again. We strive to process, pack, and ship orders as quickly and accurately as possible. Customers frequently reach out to us wondering how soon to expect their order. This guide hopes to answer common questions regarding order processing.


What is processing time?

Processing time is the amount of time we need to import the order into our system, allocate the parts from the appropriate warehouse, acquire any non-stock items, pull the part(s) from the shelf and pack the order to ship. Here are the top factors that impact this processing time:

Availability - Many products are kept in stock and usually need just 1-2 business days for us to process your order. Some parts ship directly from the manufacturer to the customer and may need a few additional days to process the order. This will be noted on the listing page for the part, right under the price, with the phrase “Usually ships in x-y business days.”

Inventory - We linked the website to our inventory system so our customers can clearly see when we have a part in stock here in our Montana warehouse. Look for the “Quantity In Stock” listed in gray letters, under the “ADD TO CART” button.


Special Orders - If a part is not in stock, we notify our customers of the additional processing time by requiring a checkbox to be click in order for the part to be added to their cart. This allows the customer to acknowledge that they agree to the estimated backorder time frame.


Note: Special orders may require more time than this depending on availability and shipment delays with the manufacturer.

Orders Ship Complete - This means if one part from the order requires additional processing time, it will delay any other parts on the same order. We highly recommend ordering any special order parts separate from parts you need right away.

Hours of Operation – Our team processes and ships orders in the order they are placed. We operate Monday – Friday from 8 AM- 5 PM Mountain Time. Orders placed after 3 PM or over the weekend will begin fulfillment on the next business day after the order has been processed.

How long does free shipping take?

Transit time for free shipping takes 5-7 business days in addition to any processing time needed to fill the order. Weekends and the day of pick-up are not counted as transit days for delivery. We offer expedited UPS and FedEx shipping for customers who urgently need to receive their order. See “How Wil My Order Ship” for more details on shipping.

What Delays the Order from Shipping?

1. Incomplete or Incorrect Addresses

Our shipping team uses computer software that checks the shipping address provided on the order against the database for the designated carrier. When UPS, FedEx, or USPS does not recognize the address as valid for delivery, then we hold the order until we can verify the correct address with the recipient.

2. Select Heavy or Custom Items

When the busy season is in full swing, orders with custom lengths of gasket sold by the foot, or large and/or heavy orders may take a little extra time to fill. We strive to turn these orders over as quickly as possible.

3. Changing or Adding Parts to an Order

In general, our automated system does not allow us to change an order after it has been placed. Occasionally, we hear from a customer needing to correct a mistake or add a small part to their order. Maybe they ordered the natural gas part but needed it for propane, or they realized they also need a snap disc. If we are able to hold the order and make the requested changes, it will reset the processing time clock because the order has lost its place in the fulfillment queue and has to be manually updated for the shipping team.

How to check order status:

Once your order has been successfully completed you will receive an order confirmation number. If you created an account with us, you can track your order status by logging in to your customer account HERE. From the “Orders” tab of your account, you will see a summary of the order and the current order status.


Click the order number to see the details of your order. From this page, you can review the order details, print an invoice, and check for warranty coverage.

What does each order status mean?

Processing – The order has been placed successfully and is waiting to be processed. Our order processors batch these orders on an hourly basis, read and respond to any customer comments, and send each order to the appropriate warehouse to be shipped out.

Awaiting Shipment – The order has been processed and sent to our Montana warehouse to be picked and packed for shipment. As soon as the order ships we send out a status update with the tracking number. You should receive the shipping notice within 2 business days once the order is awaiting shipment.

Awaiting Fulfillment – The order will ship directly from the manufacturer or supplier to you. Sometimes this requires a few extra days of lead time. We try to notify customers of extended lead time with a checkbox that must be clicked before the part can be added to the cart. Check the items on your order to learn the estimated processing time.

Backorder – One (or more) item(s) on the order are not currently in stock. The order will ship from our Montana warehouse as soon as the part(s) not currently in stock arrive.

Special Orders - The average processing time for a special order is listed in the description of the item on your order invoice. Please note that this is a minimum range of processing time based on the average turnaround from the manufacturer. In some cases, the special order processing time may exceed the estimated window due to limited availability from the manufacturer.

Exceptional Circumstances – Sometimes, exceptional circumstances such as damaged inventory, limited availability or delayed shipments may arise. We try to notify the customer as soon as we learn this to give you the chance to decide how to proceed. We can usually order a replacement, but it may take additional time. In the case that a replacement is not desired, we can always cancel it off the order for a full refund.

Shipped – The order has been boxed up to ship. Ground shipping is usually delivered within 5-7 business days after being picked up by the carrier. Weekends and the day of pick-up are not counted as transit days for delivery. See “How Will My Order Ship” for more details on shipping.

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