What model Buck woodstove do I have?

One of the more common woodstove questions we are asked is, "How do I know which model of Buck Stove I have?" Fear not! We can help you solve this problem!

Things to look for:

  1. If your stove was made after 1989 and has one door with a large piece of glass in the center, or a bay window on the front, the model number will either be on the back of the stove or the lower right-hand corner of the front of the unit.
  2. If your stove was made from the late '70s through the early '90s and has double doors, it's likely a 26000, 27000, or 28000 unit. These units were freestanding or a fireplace insert.  Most units have glass in the doors, however, a few were sold with steel panels in place of the glass.    These units were designed to burn wood or Bituminous coal. To determine which of these models you have measure the inside width of the doors.
    The 26000 Little Buck measures about 18"
    The 27000 Regular Buck measures about 20"
    The 28000 Big Buck measures about 24".
    Most parts are the same for these units.  Where they really differ is in blower use.  Buck used several different styles of blower motor in these units over the years, and they are not cross-compatible.  Check out our choosing a blower for your Buck Stove article for more info on that.

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