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Do the parts that I purchased have any sort of warranty?

Yes, most items do have a warranty.  We are a dealer for many different brands and items and the warranty will vary based on the product and the manufacturer.  All warranty is provided through the manufacturer, not Mountain View Hearth Products.  For specific information on your product please see the product page and click on the warranty information tab.

What does warranty cover?

Warranty covers defects in manufacturing only.  It does not cover wear and tear or abuse.  For instance, if you break the glass while installing it this is not a warranty claim.  If a blower is wired wrong and seizes this is not warranty.   Examples of manufacturer defects include an auger shaft breaking, a blower wheel melting or cracking, an electric motor not working upon receipt, a circuit board that will not power up.

How do I file a warranty claim?

Jul 15, 2022

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