Control Board Rebuild Service

Control Board Rebuild Service Instructions:

If you have any doubts that your control board is the problem, please contact us. We are always happy to help you troubleshoot over the phone. The average turnaround time for our rebuild service takes 1-2 weeks, not including shipping transit time. However, it may take longer depending on component availability. All rebuilt boards are covered by a one (1) year warranty.

Important Details to Include: To speed up our processing and rebuild time, please provide a brief description of the issue along with any specific numbers from the back of your control board. Not including this information can delay the rebuild of the control board.

Models Supported by the Rebuild Service:


Breckwell (Both analog & digital boards) - Click HERE


Advantage I - Click HERE

Advantage II - Click HERE

Advantage II-t Classic- Click HERE

Advantage II-T, III and Plus- Click HERE

Prodigy & Renaissance- Click HERE

Profile 30 & Optima 3- Click HERE

Profile 20 & Optima 2- Click HERE

Whitfield Quest- Click HERE

US Stove Company:

American Harvest- Click HERE(NOTE:This is for boards with part number *PCB0390-0** orPCB0390-1 ONLY.)***

Mailing Instructions:

Please print a copy of your order and put it along with your control board in a package with sufficient padding. We always recommend a trackable, insured method when sending in your board. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged shipments.

Mail control boards to:

MVHP Control Board Rebuild Service

719 255 Regina Road

Janesville, CA 96114

What if the control board cannot be fixed?

Not Rebuildable – If your board is not rebuildable, we will refund $135.00. There is a $40 fee for diagnosing the board.

**Full Refund –**The $40 diagnostic fee can be waived, and a full refund issued if you choose for us to keep the non-rebuildable circuit board.

No Trouble Found: If you send in a board and it is determined that nothing is wrong with it, we will refund $100.00. $75 charge for diagnosing the board plus return shipping. We are always happy to help troubleshoot the issue.

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