Resolute Acclaim 2490 Inner Brick Design Updates


Resolute Acclaim 2490 Inner Brick Design Updates

In May of 2013, Vermont Castings completely redesigned the inner brick system for the Resolute Acclaim 2490 stoves. The bricks are now flat on the back and sturdier, the retainer now cradles the bricks more securely, and tapered holes in the cast iron sealing plates allow the bricks to rest flush against the metal for a better fit. These changes simplify the inner brick system design and reduce breakage opportunities.

The new brick system is not backward compatible so new individual parts will not match up with the old design you may currently have in your stove. The old-style pieces were discontinued from production and are no longer available. If none of the bricks have been replaced since before 2013, you should upgrade to the new design with the Arch Brick Upgrade Kit, part number 30006595. [available HERE]

How to Differentiate Between the 2 Versions

Feeling unsure whether the entire kit needs to be replaced? Check these 2 parts to confirm whether your stove has been upgraded to the newer design.

Measure the Rear Arch Bricks

The easiest way to identify which design you currently have in your stove is to measure either the left- or right arch brick. The 9 3/4 in width of the bricks did not change, but the new brick stands a little shorter than the old bricks. Old arch bricks will measure 10ā€ tall, but the new design measures only 9.36 inches (just a hair under 9 3/8 in)

Inspect the Angle of the Retainer Bracket

Old Version New Style
image image
The old retainer has a noticeably narrow, pointy angle to it. The new style is wider with more of a ā€œCā€ shape

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