Common Conversion Kit Questions

Common Conversion Kit Questions

The fittings inside your gas stove or fireplace are designed for use with a specific type of gas. Since liquid propane and natural gas need different amounts of gas-to-air ratio, some internal parts need to change before the fireplace can safely burn a different type of gas. This process is referred to as conversion. The manufacturer of the fireplace will offer a conversion kit to ensure all the necessary components are replaced correctly and safely. Conversion kits MUST be installed by a certified professional with the tools and experience to complete the conversion safely. The best way to find the right conversion kit is to verify the model and the serial number of your appliance and look up the part number from the parts list for your fireplace. The parts list is usually included in the owner’s manual.

What is included in a conversion kit?

A conversion kit may include the orifices, regulator, valve, burner and/or logs as well as detailed instructions, and a label declaring the unit was converted to the new type of gas. This label certifies that the conversion meets building safety codes and regulations in your area.

Can I build my own kit if none is listed?

We do not recommend piecing a conversion kit together. Usually, manufacturers discontinue the conversion kit when one or more part(s) needed to safely complete the conversion is no longer available. Even though it may be possible to convert a unit without a conversion kit, conversion kits also include a label that certifies the conversion making it acceptable for most local building codes. Converting a gas fireplace without an approved kit will void any manufacturer's warranty.

Can vent-free units be converted?

Unfortunately, vent free gas log sets, stoves, and fireplaces cannot be converted from one fuel type to another. The pilot assembly in a vent-free gas appliance has a safety sensor that detects the amount of oxygen in the air. The oxygen sensor and other key components are dedicated to one type of gas and cannot be converted from one gas type to another.

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